Wearable sex toys: Technology takes a step ahead in erotica

While sex toys have been available since long, it’s only recently that many of these erotic toys have been advancing with a faster pace. With older sex toys being passive, newer ones are more advanced and have electronics built into each of them. These are now wirelessly connected and operated using smartphones and the internet to help individuals and couples experience a better sex life. Take for example the electronic lingerie made by Durex, which allows your partner to fondle you over the internet using a smarpthone. These types of sex toys are targeted towards couples that stay away from each other and work in different cities. To bring back the spark in their sex lives, many companies are taking advantage of technology.

This time is it a different type of erotic wearables. A new line of sex toys are here that allows you to explore the future of sexual arousal. The wearable sex toys are from Wisp, which focuses more on the pleasures of stimulation and less on the physical aspect. Wisp devices are meant to be worn and placed on sensitive zones for sexual arousal and stimulation. These devices incorporate miniature motors and vibrators which simulate a gentle touch or air-blowing on the skin to mimic a lover’s touch or breath. Using this technology, men and women can take advantage of these wearables to intensify their sexual experiences.

The project was completed in 6 months. Each wearable incorporates motors and soft, furry material and can be adjusted to different intensities. Multiple tiny motors work together to create sensations similar to sexual stimulation of the skin.

Wisp presently has two products—Whisper and Air. While Whisper is a flexible pad that mimics a lovers breath, it also has a few heating elements for additional sensations. Air is a necklace that uses various elements, including perfumer, audio simulation and an air-blowing mechanism.

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